The shirt says it all...

Bunny is tired of her mommy taking pictures.
Squirt is still trying to figure out what my camera does.

I wanted to snap a picture of these new shirts before they got them all messy- which will eventually happen. Hurray for long-sleeved-shirt-weather!


  1. You nailed it, Ashley! Catie is so about the "how to" wheras Addie is about the experience. So just smile and resign yourself to a life with papparazzi, Addie.

  2. Ashley! It's Kelly (Martin) Shoroye How are you? your girls are beautiful. My families blog is ebishoroye.blogspot.com So excited I found you!

  3. Oh my goodness! Hi Ashley! I'm SO glad you found my blog!!! Yeah! I am super excited to be in touch with you again!!! Yeah! Let's keep it touch!

  4. Haha, those shirts rock.

    And amen about cold weather clothing. I did some shopping Saturday, adding to my collection of argyle sweaters and wool scarves.

  5. Yay for finding old friends! Hey guys!
    As for Trent- you sound like an old man getting dressed for shuffleboard in argyle sweaters. :)