Special Limited Time Offer!

Are you stuck in a beach condo far, far away from your favorite granddaughters? If so- then this is the offer for you! We have a genuine little Squirt all packaged and awaiting your order. This baby comes complete with cute smiles, sweet hugs, and perhaps a minky diaper. Don't wait, call now! This offer will not be around long! You will not find this offer anywhere else! Pick up the phone today!

*Disclaimer: this box does include the mandatory DVD of Yo Gabba Gabba. This offer does not include the The Bunny; She was unable to fit in the box at the time of this special offer.


  1. Oh boy! Send her special delivery & send her right away!!!

    Love you guys!

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  3. That's so cute!! :) aww.. I bet grandma misses her little girls!! :)

  4. You're sweet Ashley, thanks! That is a super cute picture! Your girls are ADOREABLE!