Snippets of our Thanksgiving

The girls were much too busy to smile for the camera. But they loved having the grandparents to play with.The brother does dishes! He's still single ladies- snatch this one up while you still can!
Uncle Larry made amazing gingerbread cookies with really messy frosting. The girls loved them- and mommy has secretly enjoyed a couple too!
There were lots of pictures taken.... lots.
It was so nice to have my grandparents there! This was the first Thanksgiving at a grandchild's house. Woo! First!
Mom and Dad- enough said!
And we had to break out the Black Friday ads and strategize for tomorrow!


  1. Cute fam! Good luck with Black Friday tomorrow -- I'm still trying to decide if I should brave the crowds.

  2. i'm actually leaving sunday morning before your ward starts, this trip was totally last minute... but next time we come i will definitely plan to see you at church :)

    looks like you had an awesome thanksgiving! and i really liked your thankful post! not cheesy at all!

  3. Awww!!! I wish we could have been there, ya'll look like you had so much fun. Even though we lived in Vegas for like 6 years, I still feel like i haven't gotten enough time with the Grandparents, they are so sweet!
    Good luck tomorrow, I'm braving it and can't wait!!

  4. No Del Taco? So glad to hear that your dinner was a success!

  5. Haha, thanks for advertising for me.