The Obligatory Gratitude Post

The perfect day for a Thanksgiving. It is rainy, cold, and the forecast has the word fog in it. FOG! Awesome. There was also a rainbow to bump up the cheese-factor.

I'm not a mushy person. But here it goes....
I'm grateful for everyone in my life right now. I have a wonderful network of friends and family, co-workers, and ward members. We are truly blessed to have such awesome people in our lives.
Of course, I'm immensely grateful for my beautiful twin girls. They have managed to bring out my inner organizational, type A personality that I doubted was in there. They make everyday an adventure. I couldn't go one minute without them.
I'm grateful for the husband and his patience with his crazy wife. It has to be quite the job.
I'm grateful for the bounty we have been blessed with. Especially on these cold and rainy nights, I'm so thankful to have a warm roof over my head, and a safe bed to tuck in my angels.
This is getting really cheesy, really fast. Thank you blogging community for reading the mumblings of this lunatic. You are totally enabling this addiction- but I thank you.
Have a happy Turkey day with your friends and family.

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