I am very hesitant about retracting my previous statements about the terrible twos and my darling daughters. But I may have new evidence that I have staved off the inevitable for a few more months at most. While screaming at the fact of getting undressed for the bath she so desired, I noticed not just one new tooth... no, not two. But four new teeth that had sprung up practically overnight. So perhaps the mayhem that has been, and may be still to come, is a strange hybrid of terrible twos and some terrible teething.
My poor girls seem to get all their teeth in at once. While good for Mommy- less total span of teething trauma- those poor babies must be in quite a bit of pain! So Motrin to the rescue! I'm just off to get them up for the morning... with my trusty Motrin sidekick at hand. Wish me luck.

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  1. they sell this really awesome stuff at walgreens called "teething tablets". don't get the pellets, get the tablets; they disolve instantly. they were a lifesaver during my kids' teething days. my doctors all said that they were perfectly safe as well, even to mix with motrin. good luck!