It's Starting

You know it's the holiday season when you start seeing the holiday commercials.... for cars. Yes, apparently every year is a great time to get that special someone a hugely expensive car for Christmas. It always astounds me that there is a market for this to warrant the expensive commercials. It's always BMW, Lexus, sometimes Lincoln. I just saw and ad for Audi yesterday. I'm even more surprised considering the economy. Perhaps it's more of a Merry Christmas... we'll be living in our car now!
....Thanks car companies- for making all my Christmas gifts look like macaroni necklaces I made in the 2nd grade.


  1. Ugh! I can't even fathom a new car right now, despite the smokin' deals. What an expensive time of year, without those HUGE purchases! And I loved those maceroni necklaces growing up -- maybe that'll be my gift this year. :)

  2. Makes me glad I don't watch much commercial TV anymore. Although, I do wish someone would give me a car. Where's Oprah when you need her?

    I just read your "twins in public" post. Too funny! I love your blog!