Let's take a journey down my culinary meltdowns just in the last few months...
The Stuffed Bell Pepper Debacle- I made my bell peppers, turned the knob to low... 10 hrs. later went to eat, and realized I had neglected to plug the crockpot in. Had Logan grab Del Taco on the way home.
The Ham & Potatoes Showdown- Didn't read the directions right, it would have been ready to eat at 9pm. Had Logan grab Del Taco on the way home.
Some Sort of Pasta dish Catastrophe- Forgot a number of ingredients and the outcome was very bad indeed. Had Logan grab Del Taco on the way home.
The Rice and Chicken Disaster- Half way through the preparation, read the fine print. It made an amount smaller than a bread pan. That was my main dish! What a crazy recipe! Had Logan grab Del Taco on the way home.
The Missionary Dinner Sadness- Ended up using a REALLY expired can of diced tomatoes. Had to throw the whole thing out! Had Logan grab Pizza Hut on the way home (I know- this story has a lot of twists and turns like that!)

By now I'm sure you will never want to come to my house for dinner... unless you really like Del Taco. Secondly, my husband has to pick up dinner a lot because of my failed attempts at cookery.
Well this year, my Mom is out of commission and I am in charge of Thanksgiving. It is a heavy mantle- thanks for really putting the bar pretty far up there, Mom! But anyway, I'm actually really excited to feel like a grown up and "doing" our Thanksgiving with my new little family. Logan was really into doing the turkey. He is convinced his mother has the end-all be-all of turkey recipes... we'll see- I kinda don't really like Turkey, but whatever. My past failures in the kitchen just keep lingering in the back of my head! This is freakin Thanksgiving dinner! We can't just head out for some burritos at Del Taco on Thanksgiving! I can't forget to plug something in! I've got to check the expiration dates on everything I use. (Mom and Dad are quite familiar with this process- haha!) It could be the Armageddon of Thanksgivings. Just warning you.


  1. Oh Ashley, you and I are cut from the same cloth!!! I made coq a vin once- left the crock pot on too long, it dried out- severely- a lovely meal indeed- we grabbed in-and -out. If I had a dollar for every time I've done that- Hailyn would have a college find (I like the modeling idea- but I would be a stage mommy for sure- I already was last week- six hours for pics with my screaming infant to get the perfect shot- ahh!) anyhow, I was in the same boat a few years ago and I made thanksgiving dinner- indeed I do not cook- this led to purchasing a deep frier for the turkey in which I put Ryan in charge of (best turkey I ever ate) so anyhow put logan in charge of the turkey (or deep fry it- it's awesome and takes like 2 hours for a 22lb turkey!) Anyhow, you'll be fine- if I can survive it anyone can- promise! Just buy all your ingredients fresh at the store- even cans- oh, and the simplier the better!Best of luck to you- I know you'll do great!

  2. You crack me up! Hey I went to this Thanksgiving cooking class a couple weeks ago and the chef that used to be at the Temple taught it. I have lots of his easy and so so good recipes if you want. Let me know!

  3. Good luck for Thanksgiving! Your mom has done some pretty spectacular ones! Of course we are pulling a "Jones Family Thanksgiving 2004" and going OUT TO EAT! LOL. Yay for Texas de Brazil.
    You're gonna do a GREAT job!

  4. This is why I stopped trying. Too many catastrophes. We now eat $5 Little Caesar's Pizza on a regular basis.

  5. Becca- yes, please! Email craftyashley@gmail.com I would soooo appreciate it! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who is less than Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen!

  6. I loved how the story changed to Pizza Hut and not Del Taco! You are too funny. Glad to hear I'm not to only one to forget everything. I think it would be another chance to blame it on the twins. Who has time to read everything perfectly, turn things on, make sure the food hasn't expired when you are running around with TWO 1 year olds!?! Check out this blog. I'm going to try some of their recipes this year. http://ourrecipeclub.blogspot.com/

    You'll do great! FYI: if you shop in SH make sure to do your Thanksgiving shopping weeks before because they run out of EVERYTHING you need for Thanksgiving!

  7. crap... I still haven't got the turkey- or anything else really. I am so not on the ball! I'm sure there will be a turkey SOMEWHERE in this town!

  8. When I was getting gas, I saw that McDonalds will be open on Thanksgiving. Not that I do not have faith in you- just a safety net! :-)