A House Affair!

I admit it, I'm in the middle of a torrid affair. I found this totally cute house (don't worry, still in the ward). And now I'm torn. It's so cute, but it's kinda smaller than what we have! I know, it sounds crazy. We'd have to rent out this house- which I don't know if I want to- I love this house, and have put a lot of time and effort into this home. But this other one is so cute- and cheap! Logan just thinks I get an itch to move about every year- and we've just been in this house a year this month! Maybe he's right!

Most gorgeous kitchen ever (with pantry! Hurray!)
A room tailored just for twins! Seriously!
Farther from the freeway
Bigger backyard

Tiny master suite
Minuscule living room
Less windows
No laundry room
A pain in the butt to move again!
...and what are we gonna do
with this house?!

Seriously awesome kitchen!


  1. Wow that is an awesome kitchen!! That's one of the main things for the house we find when we actually buy one! haha.. :)

  2. um, having just moved so i am the proud owner of two mortgages...stay put. it's much more budget friendly. ;)

  3. You rent out the other one? Yes, I don't know about the two-mortgage thing. Scary.

  4. But maybe we'll become real estate tycoons! The American dream! LOL

  5. I have the itch to move about every three years Ashley... A lady I knew in Missouri always said I have "the grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome. At least you just want to move within your ward boundaries. I usually convince the family to move out of state! haha!

  6. we are thinking about renting out the other one since it isn't selling. that's the ultimate goal. it being three hours away, renting is not the best arraingment. plus, the market absolutely sucks right now, for renters and sellers both. here in the midwest anyways.

  7. Awesom kitchen! The back splash rock! Which neighborhood? That could make or break the deal, too.

  8. It's those ones across the street from us! So the neighborhood wouldn't change that much...

  9. Oh, my daughter... you've been watching too much HGTV and Property Ladder....

    The average homebuyer moves every 7 years. Your house is DARLING so enjoy it and don't feel so anxious for change.

    As for the perfect twin room -- thought you'd decided the girls needed their own rooms.

  10. Besides--- your current kitchen is JUST AS CUTE (if not more)!