This is what happens when I want to take a picture. They are like a herd of gazelles that see a lion! Perhaps I need to hire a National Geographic photographer.
I've been tossing the idea of a Christmas card around in my head for a while. Mostly for people who we don't see very often. I just can't get a card-worthy shot! I'm tired! We'll see if I can pull it out of my hat or not.


  1. You'll get that shot -- don't worry!!! By the way, are you the famous Ashley Bryan mentioned in Parenting magazine this month? About disciplining others' kids? Your response was hilarious (if that, indeed, was you). Congrats!

  2. Yes, I am the famous Ashley Bryan. I get quoted a lot in various baby mags. What did it say? I don't get Parenting.

  3. I don't have the mag in front of me -- but you said something like the kids were little monsters and the parents were doing nothing. You finally yelled at said kids and the parents just looked at you and laughed. Anyway, you said it much better -- I just can't find my darn copy right now.