Bulking Up

More things need to come in bulk. I like only buying toilet paper and detergent every six months. But there are more things that need to come in bulk or super-bulk.

-Desitin by the pound
-Infant Motrin by the liter
-Baby detergent! Where are the huge boxes of Dreft?
If the box is not larger than the actual child- it's too small.
-Cold Medicine (especially today)
-Swiffer Wet refills- I am a Swiffer addict!
-Time and Sanity?


  1. Bart likes having approximately 70 bars of soap under the sink.

  2. I agree, I like bulk too! Umm, reading my Parenting mag last night and I didn't know I had such a famous friends!!! Congrats! You in print 2 times on one issue. Super fun!

  3. I'll take a huge box of sanity, please! :) And I'm with you on the swiffer, best invention ever.

  4. you can buy desitin in a pound jar; i think at walgreens. your welcome!