Can you hear me now?

Can we all just take a minute to throw the evil eye over to AT&T? Thanks. I have had a checkered past with cell phones. Most of them end up in the washing machine by accident. So I've just had a cheap dumb phone in case it happens again- which hasn't for the last few months! I was thinking it may be about time to get a real cell phone again.
Then Logan called me from a friend's house to tell me he'd broken his cell phone. (Tell me if this sounds suspicious) He had it in his pocket, and as he was rounding the corner on his package car, he bumped up against the bumper- and that put a gouge through the whole front flip part. Seems a little suspect to me, but whatever.
So we went online to get new phones- and re-up our contract, which was up this month. Seriously, AT&T, you really want to nickel and dime us on everything, don't you. They charged us an $18 per phone "upgrade" charge, and their mail in rebates are on a debit card format.... which expire! Seriously! The rebate money expires! How ridiculous! Then they have the gall to charge us tax on the retail price of the phones- the price no-one in their right mind would pay for these phones!
As I see it, AT&T, I'm doing YOU a favor by re-signing the contract- I could just as easily have switched to another carrier (one with cooler phones, by the way). Perhaps you should be kissing my feet, eh? Vive La Revolucion!


  1. Wow, yes, they deserve the evil eye. Sprint has some of the same issues, but I managed to get around it by calling them and making them credit us $50 each. yippee.

  2. So funny. George did almost the exact same thing to his old flip phone. There was a huge crack and you couldn't see anything on the screen...... hmmmm...... suspicious indeed!