To the dogs

I am truly sorry for the people forced to be our neighbors. I know, our dogs bark at 6am. I'm really sorry about that... especially for the guys who work the night-shift next door. (I'm also sorry about the water leaking into your yard, I think that's fixed) We're kind of a mess over here, but we apologize!

There are a lot of pros and cons to having dogs. One pro- they clean up after the babies. Mealtime is only half as messy as it could be. Con? Barking! The untimely waking of babies. Oh, or how about accidents on the rug?! (Peaches!)
But we love them. Yes, we still love them.


  1. Those are some cute doggies! I would really love to get a dog for the girls....but then there's that barking thing ;). And the fact that James seems to hate all animals besides maybe a pot-bellied pig!

  2. Oh, no! A pig? Well, he would definitely eat the girls' scraps!