Laughing at myself

Reasons I have to laugh at myself today.

  • I went through three shirts this morning to find one that was flattering. In the middle of the baby dept. at Target, I relized I had forgotten to put on any makeup. Great outfit, bad face!
  • In hopes of getting the girls to not cry on the way home, I opened a container of snacks. At the first stoplight, my hand slipped, sending Teddy Grahams careening through the air and onto the floor of my car. It was a loud ride home with cookies crunching beneath me.
  • Cleaned out my purse... and found a thank you note.... from myself to Trent. Thanks for the birthday present! I really loved it. My birthday was in August. Trent, I'm sending you a Belated Thank You note, or an I'm Sorry note. Love ya!
  • I'm sure there's more nonsense to come. The day is only half over!

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