There are two events looming over the horizon that I'm really dreading. The first being getting rid of the binkies! Can I still send them to kindergarten with their binkies? I'm sure there will be a dark cloud over our house when we decide to nix the binkies. When is the right time? I don't know!

The second is potty training. I know they're a little young, but I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the chaos of potty training. While I'm more than ready to quit buying diapers (I'm singlehandedly keeping Pampers in business), I'm a smidge bit reluctant to explore the realm of feces. Ick.


  1. Such a cute blog! I didn't know you had one! Your girls are always so adorable. I never had to do the binkie thing (both my boys never would take one) but the potty training wasn't as bad as I had talked myself into believing it was going to be. Just make sure they're way ready (It doesn't matter how ready you are it they aren't!)

  2. The binky was my downfall, I'm afraid! Bella had it for a VERY LONG TIME...we finally took her to Build-a-Bear and had her put them all inside of a bear...then we told her anytime she missed them, she could just squeeze her bear. It worked, but I should have done it ALOT sooner, like 2 instead of 3 (ick, hate to admit THAT).
    As for potty training...you are doing good to get yourself in the mindset!! Gotta be prepared and don't start too early b/c then the process just gets LONGER! I've started working w/ Aube, but she's still so oblivious!

  3. i would be laid back with the potty training. if they aren't ready, don't push or it will be exponetially harder. if they are ready, and (like my daughter) have got the concept but just won't do it out of bloody mindedness, that's the time to get hard nosed, but before then, try to cultivate a nonchalant attitude. and with binkies, i totally don't know. my kids wouldn't take them, and jonni sucked her thumb until she was FIVE. the day she turned five, she decided she was too big, and quit all by herself. now, if she would just do that with the fit throwing...