Art in the Park 08!

It was still sprinkling, so I'm a bit wet... and cold.
The girls love Joseph and Laura!
Cool bronzes of kids playing. The girls were fascinated. It took a lot of
distractions to get them away from here.
My Sweet Squirt!
Bunny loves her ball. She points to it and says "ball!"

Art in the Park is held annually in Boulder City and has been a family tradition. Grandma took Mom, Mom took Me, and now it's such a blessing to be able to take my girls. My Mom couldn't come this year, as she's away, but we had so much fun this year, Laura and Joseph came with us. The weather was perfect, it sprinkled the first little bit, but it was cool and overcast. Simply perfect weather. We were able to go through all three parks and see everything. My favorite booth is this fabric book place. Such awesome stuff! I couldn't help myself.
I knew going into this that taking 2 yr. old twins was either going to be a really great experience, or the end of days. Luckily, they had a lot of fun. Laura and Joseph were a huge help- thanks guys! I can't wait for more years of sharing this with my family. I have so many wonderful memories of Art in the Park.


  1. Awww! That's my sister! I love seeing pictures of all these wonderful people, since I"m so stinkin' far away. And HOW FUN to be able to carry on the tradition of Art in the Park.

  2. How fun is that!! Your girls are so adorable!!! :)