Scrapping Avoidance

Friday is a fun scrap-night with some girls in our ward. I have been meaning to go (and actually showed up on the wrong day). But now I sit here in front of my computer flicking through picture after picture wondering where I should start. The most current pictures in the twins' scrapbooks are from a year ago. I have a whole year of photos on my hard drive- each and every one so very precious and cute! There's no way a thousand clones of me could get up to date. Doing two albums simultaneously is impossible.
My first instinct? Run away!


  1. I know how you feel! And you, daughter of the Queen of scrapping, have no excuse! LOL. I kid....
    I know I blaspheme...but scrap the really important stuff with paper...then the rest, DIGISCRAP. HOly crap, its amazing the amount that is FREE, and the amount you can get done!!

  2. Sarah! Bite your tongue!! The Queen has spoken. (smile) Scrapping with paper is a creative outlet that involves texture and therapy. It results in beautiful books of memories that you can browse through, that you can take to parties or to a friends house. Scrapping is social time. ENOUGH computer bonding -- let's do PEOPLE activities! LOL.

    Ashley - start with the current photo's and move forward. As time allows, sneak in a layout here and there from "back then." Don't feel you have to scrapbook every photo either --- choose those that have memories (who, what, when, where, why) or that have particular significance to you.

    And you're right.... those girls are so darn cute! What great scrapbook subjects! XO XO

  3. Yes, it is hard living a "normal" life being the daughter to the Queen of all that is Scrapbooks.
    ...I'm like the Paris Hilton of scrapbooking, I'm waddling around, bringing shame to the house of Scrap.

  4. I am just impressed that you are thinking about it and starting to plan and it's only Wednesday! I feel your pain, I just backed up 35,000 pictures and there was no type-o in that either! I agree start with the current and then go back when you have time. When Trevor turned 2 he only had a blessing page, sad I know but I have my entire life to get caught up!