Outsmarting Myself

This is the big birthday month in our family. Happy birthday to Mom, Dad, and Brother!

I tried to be organized and together and got my Mom a present a few months ago. It arrived, I felt like I had in some way outdone myself simply by getting it early and being prepared. It sat on my dining room table for a long while, until Mom came to the house for a visit- and in a rush, I "hid" the present in the "perfect" spot where she wouldn't accidentally stumble upon it.
Well apparently, this was indeed a really good hiding place, because we're celebrating the birthdays on Saturday, and I have no clue where Mom's present is.

That's it, I'm not planning ahead anymore!


  1. i have completely lost count of the number of times i have done the very same thing! put something somewhere where it "won't get lost." nice to know i'm not alone. ;)

  2. That post sounds too much like me! I agree, forget about planning ahead it never works out anyway! You'll find it I know, I'm sure it will be 5 minutes before the party but you will find it!

  3. ...I bought a backup- which I will probably lose before Saturday... should've bought a backup-backup.

  4. Yeah, that's what I said if I forgot to get my mother a present..