Mommy just needs a shower!

Dropping the morning nap has been the death of me. When am I supposed to get showered and look presentable? Much less clean up the disaster that was breakfast? I simply don't know what to do with them. I've tried letting them "brush" their teeth while I get ready, I've given them toys, etc. It all ends the same way. Me, half sudsy yelling for them to quit fighting/biting each other, running out of the shower, getting everything wet to separate them. Then they cry because they can't be together. I'm going insane with this morning after morning. Morning naps need to be reinstated.

On a cuter note, I let the girls play in Daddy's socks while I dried my hair. They would each pick up a sock and say "Dada!" Somehow they know who those socks belong to!


  1. oh man, i totally know what you mean! it wasn't until recently that i could get a shower without john around. i still have to put a movie in for erik, but at least i can get it done during the day now, lol! this whole mommy thing is...complicated. ;)

  2. mom use to put a gate on our door so my twin and I would be safe. Of course she made sure things were safe in our room. good luck!