Beach Photoshoot

Basically I tried to import and arrange all these in the time it took for the kids to eat dinner. It... did not go well. And now I'm all frazzled and kinda done with the whole thing. Kind of like how I felt at the idea of a photoshoot to begin with. Luckily, my mother talked me into it, and the thing happened. It yielded some really beautiful pictures. Some of which I will be putting on canvases and putting... somewhere. I've put some of them here for your perusal. Enjoy. Then stop by again and perhaps I'll be up to talking about the first day of school that happened this week. Second grade! My babies are in second grade! Someone should really pull my head out of this open container of Praline Crunch ice cream. (with all that specificity you know it's true!)

Now that you've most assuredly wet your pants from all the cuteness, I recommend you go change your pants, and then come back with some more Praline Crunch ice cream to stuff in my face. Also, tell me where I can order some real quality prints & canvas options that aren't going to annihilate my ice cream budget. Many thanks! 


  1. Love the pics! Been checking back a couple of times but hadn't seen a new post.. hope all is well!!

    1. I agree! I wish she’d start an Instagram.