The Things I'm Getting Used To

- Nightly injections for Squirt. The nurse came out to show me how it all works. And let me tell you, this is way more complicated than I even feared. It's a powder that has to be mixed, and the pen is all digital and fancy, but doesn't let me see what's really happening like any normal injection I'm accustomed to. (I want to SEE the plunger & meds go down so I know they're in my kid for heaven sakes!) The first time with the nurse there went swimmingly. (even though I had been so nervous before she arrived that I was deep cleaning the couch cushions, and as I was being instructed in all this fine motor skill work, my hands were totally shaking)

- We required a third fridge. Yep, a third fridge just for medicine. A really small one for upstairs to hold the meds that cannot be bumped and jiggled around. Their previous home in the butter dish compartment was not going to cut it. At least I got to put all of my nervous anxiety into organizing! Now we have a neat little shot battle station in the hallway:

- The shots have been spotty at best lately. After the nurse left it was all up to me, and while Squirt was sure brave it all came crumbling down once the needles came out. I had all the fine print instructions laid out and was trying to get it all right, she was upset, it was the 4th of July and everyone was anxious for fireworks.... it was nothing short of a disaster. The last few times have been better, however. I may be getting the hang of it. Squirt is still not super excited about it, but really, who can blame her. It's still a "little pinch" and that's not jazz hands fantastic.

- Helping Ava Grow arrived yesterday, and it is a sweet book. Very helpful to have, and I am so lucky it exists for our very specific situation. I always change the name to Squirt's name, and she beams.
My favorite part is the last page:

- I am a bit worried about jealously between Squirt and Bunny. Bunny is really acting crabby with all the attention being given to her sister, and is acting out quite a bit. That sucks, but I'm trying to keep in mind that soon enough we're having a follow up appt to check on her growth too, and she might need some sort of treatment later on as well. So BLARGH.

- Little Man will most definitely need tubes in his ears in the near future. After his second antibiotics round, the doctor cleared him. Only to have him start up with the coughing and junkiness the very next day. Now almost a week later, he's complaining of ear pain. Sounds like we'll be seeing that ENT very soon.

- In a fit of spontaneity I went looking at some model homes being built in our area. An all single story development. I'd almost lost hope at the prospect of our next house being one level, I got all riled up at the prospect again. My husband is shaking his head because the timing is not right. AND I HATE TIMING. Shoot perfect timing in the face, is what I say. I WANT IT NOW! I'm a real treat to be married to.

Would you like some random pictures that I probably already posted to Twitter & Instagram? Oh! I am on Instagram again. We made up. It's craftyashleygram if you are interested in that sort of thing.

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  1. You are all fabulous.

    Side note: have you ever taken Little Man to a pediatric chiropractor with all the ear issues? It can help drainage, which often prevents the infections! (Sorry if this is ass-vicey...but I swear I just love you!)

    Poke me if you want to find one in your area! <3