My Attempt at a Bullet Journal

I've been hearing a lot of buzz about these bullet journals lately and I honestly do not understand them. Are they a list? Like a calendar? A journal? My phone does all these things for me. In the interest of branching out, I'm bulleting my day, as it was kinda epic.

Yesterday: I think it was Wednesday July middle-ish?

- watched friend's kids: play Just Dance Wii to keep everyone in one room. 

- schooled friend's 9 yr old in Pump Up the Jam. I made the 90's my biznatch. 

- almost died from the cardio load one song can do to an old lady like me. Still 10,000 points. DECENT.

- made lunch (just my kids now) & put on a movie for "quiet time." 

- had a revelation about Squirt's temperament with this book. It's basically written about her.

- passed out on my bed. Woke up in he nick of time to whisk kids off to swimming at Grandma's.

- Swam. It was HOT. Even in the water my face felt like it was going to sizzle right off.

- Pancakes got a zillion splinters. Took me over 30 mins to get two of the larger ones out. My Dad comes home and pops the third one out lickety split. Further proof he's magic. 

- after getting everyone in bed a full hour behind schedule, I watched Teen Mom 2 on the couch accompanied by two frozen Ding Dongs. (PRO TIP) 

- let the dogs sleep in the big bed as Scotty has a dental appt the next day, and at 11 years, anesthesia is a bit of a gamble. Got a pretty crappy night's sleep with two squirrelly dogs. 

- BUT I did get Peaches to smile for the camera. (She was asleep) 

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