Things You Should Eat, Read, and Do

I'm obviously feeling a bit lofty to be handing out advice, but I assure you this is tried and true Life Bettering Stuff. It's just buzzing all inside me and cannot be contained, these little bits of pleasure I've found and I JUST HAVE TO SHARE. Because a) I was taught nothing if not to share and b) what else is a blog for?!


We've been in the deepest of mealtime ruts and I've been determined to dig our way out of it. And then I found a cookie recipe that changed our lives and I made THAT for three days straight.

- Make the Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies right now- I demand it. Even if coconut is not your favorite, I tried these on a friend who claimed such silliness and she liked them quite a lot. I am expecting to gain 10 lbs due to this recipe alone.

- For Dinner! I just had two helpings of these Sweet & Sour Meatballs. I used frozen meatballs and basically just whipped up the sauce and tossed it on top. Worked like a dream. It also works well in tandem with this recipe to Bake Brown Rice, which I appreciate as The Husband has dubbed me Queen of Crunchy Rice. The meatballs and the rice both require an oven set to 350 and take about an hour, so it's perfection! This is a culinary miracle that is rarely seen in my kitchen- so use all the impressed-face it is due.


- Swistle changed my brain with this post on Curating Interests. As someone who has RECENTLY had a walls-are-shrinking moment as I realized that maybe, just maybe, I don't have any earth shatteringly passionate hobbies or interests, this was a refreshing read. I desperately needed to hear this. And it got me out of some really dark and scary corners of my mind, I'm rejuvenated in delving into the shallower whispers of pursuits. I may just make a post detailing areas of my minor interests, FUN TIMES.

- I've just started reading Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. Which I KNOW sounds like one of those How To For Dummies books. But it's been so interesting! And has given me an entirely new perspective on how I deal with some of the less savory aspects of my personality. (Hello, Anxiety!) It is a vast improvement over my last non-fiction read; The Psychopath Inside, which while quite interesting & enthralling, concurrently convinced me that I was also indeed a psychopath. Which is probably not true, and I could certainly do without that, thankyouverymuch.


- Are you aware that Call The Midwife is back on? IT IS! Watch it! It's just as lovely and wonderful, and I so deeply enjoy every minute of it, I wish I lived in 1950's England... just a little bit.

- Should we be nervous that two of the "do" suggestions are about to be television programs? OH WELL. Watch Game of Stones. I have never heard of some of these gemstones, but I do enjoy getting to know the beauties, and then putting them on my Life Goal List. I may need more fingers to adorn with huge stones at the end of my life- if all goes as planned.

- Because I feel very guilty about recommending lots of sedentary activities. GO OUT IN NATURE. Take a hike. I just recently stumbled upon a local site that recommends hiking trails, and I have even THOUGHT ABOUT using it.
I've been on a few of the trails that I imagine are on there and I've found a most peculiar thing- I love going on walks and hikes when the weather is nice. (when it's even slightly warm/hot I want to burn everything to the ground) I really enjoy being outdoors! Weird!

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