Are You From Mars?

Checkout Lady At Grocery Store: Oh I love that thing on your keys!

Me: It makes it so easy to find my keys in my purse, or I keep them on my wrist. It's really great.

Checkout Lady: Where did you get it?

Me: Etsy.

Checkout Lady: Let's See? What?

Me. E-T-S-Y. On the internet.

Checkout Lady: ... Oh. Hm.


Mom at Pediatrician's Office: Wow! What a cool car holder! Did you make it yourself?

Me: Hahahaha! No. I don't sew. I bought it. On Etsy.

Mom At Ped: What is that?

Me: A website? Where they sell handmade goods? Like this. Shall I spell it for you?

Mom at Ped: Let me put it in my notes.


Physical Therapist: That is the cutest cape I've ever seen in my life! (I couldn't find the seller we used so many moons ago that we love. They're similar to these)

Me: Thanks!

Physcial Therapist: Where did you get them?!

Me: Etsy!

Physical Therapist: (head tilt, blank stare)

Me: It's a website... oh never mind.


How am I the only one who has heard of/regularly uses Etsy? My lands, people. It's a pretty popular cultural reference, for heaven's sake! I should not have to do all this EXPLAINING.


  1. They just aren't one of us. You know, the cool kids.

  2. This happens to me all the time! Etsy! How have you people not heard of it!?

  3. hahahaha and YET you did NOT post a liic of said keychain thingy- soooo

  4. I love Etsy. My wish list is way too long on there.