Say No To Seconds

So I signed up for this. Mainly because of the "not dieting- I eat according to my goals." I like that. Not having seconds seems like a very attainable goal for me. And boy howdy am I in need of some attainable goals.

 Join me?

I'm all flustered about the weight situation because a) my winter wardrobe is 3 sizes too big, b) but I've been eating lately like I am going to land myself back to that size by January. I want to buy some winter clothes that I love so much that I will keep from snacking just to keep fitting into favorite clothes. Things like hoodies with thumb holes.

I have been walking more lately. Somehow Little Man is once more intrigued by the stroller. He will acquiesce to the stroller if it takes him to either the park or the library. Since the weather is lovely and chilly, I am happy to comply, all while getting in a few extra work out points. (or earning myself an extra slice of pumpkin pie) So that's been working.

I genuinely don't have much more to write about. Other than the closing Blockbuster near my house. I am positively obsessed with the idea of finding a needle in a haystack. You see, one of my favorite movies is a Bollywood remake of Pride & Prejudice. It is called Bride & Prejudice. (yes, fine, laugh if you must) I am really not a fan of singing/musicals/dance numbers, but THIS I LIKE. I think the girls would really enjoy it, as well. The colors! The sparkly outfits! The painted elephants!

For some reason I've always held this fantasy that I'll find it in a clearance bin or something and it will be kismet.

I'm trying to force the kismet. I know they have ONE COPY at the store, and I've spent a good portion of time sifting through the DVD bins to find it. I cannot give up the hunt, for reasons I cannot quite understand. It's ludicrous, really. I could very well purchase this movie from amazon or something. BUT THE FANTASY of it finding its way TO ME. It's too much to let go of. I cannot stop thinking about my copy of Bride & Prejudice, sitting forlornly on a shelf, just waiting for me to come and take it home, it's forever home, to be loved and cherished.

It's stupid. I know. I can't explain it. It's just an itch I need to scratch. I'll spend all day in that busted Blockbuster. I WILL.

This post went sideways. I don't know what happened. Meh, let's call it stream of consciousness.


  1. I'll spot you a couple bucks via paypal toward you just buying it for 13.99 on amazon ... :)

  2. I am IN on the No Seconds goal. This is something I feel like even I, weak of willpower can do, SURELY. Surely?

    1. Awesome. SURELY we can just stop after one plate. Crossing fingers!

    2. Awesome. SURELY we can just stop after one plate. Crossing fingers!