Long Break

This Thanksgiving break is only halfway over, but seems like an eternity. We did not plan enough activities and are bored with each other and this house. (although on Black Friday I am staying inside and away from the crazy crowds)

So far, we've played in the leaves at the park.

Upon telling my Dad this story, he asked if dogs had already peed on the piles of leaves. Probably. (And ewwwww) This will forever be the only "playing in the leaves" picture. 

We put up our Christmas decorations. (Basically just the tree and stockings)

Lest you think we live a charmed life, there are always little spats, and tears.

And since we had to dive into the storage closet under the stairs to get the tree- we unearthed one of The Husband's instruments, a trombone. 

Peaches (our dog) does NOT like the trombone. Little Man, however, did quite well for his first time.

We dovetailed the evening at the park, a different park than the leaves park, to shake the sillies out.

Then drove around the neighborhood aweing at the lights everyone had so kindly put up for our viewing pleasure.

It was still the longest day ever, and I cannot believe tomorrow is only Saturday. I should start scheduling some activities for winter break now.

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