Let's Ignore The Elephant Today

Today and tomorrow are big heavy days for real life stuff. I'm intrenched in some forms of grieving at the moment. Grieving for a life I'd planned, but it doesn't look like that road is going to pan out. A new route it will be then. The control freak in me does not take the course correction well. But that's stupid, and doesn't make for good entertainment. Let's ignore all that and talk about some silly stuff.

SO! This morning Squirt woke up and informed us that her room is haunted. It is haunted with a ghost. The ghost OF A WHALE. That picture in my mind makes me chuckle. Every time. She elaborated on the way to the bus stop. The whale ghost has shoes. His shoes are white. He wears them on this tail like people feet. (I'm still giggling!)

I cannot quite get a read on if she is scared or intrigued with this idea of a whale haunting. It certainly made my morning. She told me all of this dead-pan. Neither excited nor frightened. Just the ghost of a whale, Mom. He moves. He talks. What does he say? Maybe she'll tell us when she gets home from school. It's been special. And exactly what I needed.

I had a really odd day yesterday. It started off on a weird note. I behaved in a way that, when I look back, I ask "what WAS I thinking?!"

As Little Man and I were walking home from the bus stop, a woman in running gear approached us and asked if I knew of any rental homes in the area. Being the real estate junkie that I am, I was the perfect stranger off-the-street to ask. I gave her some streets where I've seen For Rent signs. She asked about how the local prices & stuff. We kept walking and she happened to mention that her and her daughter had just moved her from California, and I asked how old her daughter was. Guess what? She has a 6 yr old daughter! Just a bit younger than the twins. With this she lit up. GIRLS?! Most of the kids her age are boys! And she is right. When I was having the twins, there was a serious boy boom going on in our area as well. All the families I knew were having or had just had boys.

By this time we had been strolling together and we had arrived at our house. I stopped and said "well this is us. If you need anything, we're here!" Then I paused and jauntily added "you want to come inside? The house for rent down the way is the same floorplan!"


I was in my pajamas. (thankfully I'd put on a bra, which was abnormal for an everyday bus stop drop off) I had not brushed my teeth, put on makeup, and to say I had not "picked up" for company was OBVIOUS. Laundry was everywhere, toys, heck the girls' breakfast leftovers were still on the counter! I showed her into my room, my closet, smiling the whole time.

She very politely oohed and aaahed, then asked for my phone number so we could plan some playdates later, and left. As I closed the door, I could not help but ask myself "what was THAT?!" I was just friendly! Perhaps overly so. It was just weird, guys. I am not that person. I'm shy and reserved.

I think I just made a friend yesterday! Out of the blue, so uncharacteristic of me. 

So what are you guys up to this Thursday? 


  1. I bet she loved you for that. She saw your REAL life and it probably made the whole thing less intimidating.

    We have a friend who always, always seemed so put together- every time we went to her house it was spotless. I always felt SO sloppy in comparison. And then one day she and I were out running errands and she had to make an unexpected stop by her house, and lo, dirty dishes on the counter, beds unmade, laundry on the couch. It was a relief, frankly. I liked her even more after that.

    I hope she ends up being a good friend! The nudge to do something so out of the norm might have been the universe pushing you two together, who knows?

  2. Great story, Ash! Love it! Hope the girls are insta-bff and that you've made a new friend, too! Yay! My Thursday consisted of watching the movie The Notebook for the first time; I enjoyed it. Have a great Friday, friend. :)