I Did Some Shopping Today

It was totally uneventful. I bought children's vitamins. And my Mom got me a rocking scarf. (many scarf pictures to come soon) 

Basically, I got out of the house and wore real clothes, and it was amazing. 

I did, however, let Little Man skip naps for all this fun shopping with grandma & mommy time. Aaaaand that is how I ended up parked at the bus stop listening to podcasts in my car for 45 mins. 

I would type some more words here, except my fingers keep getting all stickified from the apple cider caramels I cannot stop eating. Let's all forget about this when my pants no longer fit, mkay? 

And yes, I am aware that I should totally stop it with this post every day challenge. It's just my mom didn't raise a quitter. So we're just going to uncomfortably float along this month. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about my "CC Cream" that actually seems to work on the age spots? (Crap, seems like I just did. It's the Yes to Grapefruit one, I recommend it. It also smells delicious) 

Now I have nothing for tomorrow. WAY TO GO, SELF!

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