I Almost Broke The Streak! AND PIZZA!

Until we went to this awful dine in Pizza Hut and I was all "Must Take Pictures!" Probably to make the experience into what I was sure my kids were feeling. (Which is full-tilt WOO PIZZA!) 

So the kids did the whole book/reading/get a coupon for a free pizza. They were really stoked about the idea. The entire month of October was spent dutifully making sure our 20 minutes of reading was completed, then recorded. Oh, those little owls had to be meticulously colored. Because! Don't forget! Pizza is on the line, here!

It is hilarious what little children will do for the smallest pizza you've ever seen in your life.

I should really take Pizza Hut's cue here and make this into a more profitable venture for me, personally!

Ok kids. Now you have to read for twenty minutes AND fold the towels.

So they get their coupon and I'm reading the fine print, it says the kids have to be there in person to submit the coupon. To ensure the lesson of READING = PIZZA gets through loud and clear into the little impressionable minds.

This meant to me that we needed to find a Dine In Pizza Hut, and I was not looking forward to it. This was the right feeling, it turns out, as dine in Pizza Huts are disgusting places that look exactly as they did in the early 1990's, when I remember frequenting them. Lots of oak, fake plants on the wall, hunter green wallpaper, the whole experience. Some knock off Judge Judy was on TV, as an added topper on the proverbial cake. There was a homeless man laughing maniacally and talking to himself in a little girl voice a couple booths down. (not to be super judgey or derogatory of the less fortunate, it was just not a great environment to have small children- he watched my kids. To say I was uncomfortable is putting it mildly) It was a semi-miracle we made it out of there alive. What is worse is that the kids were given another reading calendar for November that we've been working on. I cannot stress this enough- I am not going back to the dine in Pizza Hut. I have my limits.

I did take pictures of the ecstatic children. So the night was not all lost. 

All I had to do was READ for this pizza! I was going to read anyway. But PIZZA!

Mom, seriously. I worked all month to get this pizza. Let me eat it! 

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  1. Spencer's school does a thing where you go to family reading night once a month, and read the library books together and they give you that same coupon. we haven't used them yet, because. Well, dine in Pizza Hut.