Let's get some rules straightened out on this NaBloPoMo. Sundays are complete off days. Sometimes Saturdays too. Holidays in which the kids have off school are also optional. Yes. Those are the rules I made up for myself. Working weekdays only. (mostly because I completely forgot about yesterday and sohelpme if I am going to throw in the towel after 9 days of posting.

Secondly, I was just informed, mere seconds ago, that The Husband, who left for work 20 mins ago is on his way BACK home- so there goes my Monday as I'd planned it. Can we talk a little bit about The Husband? He has a very physically demanding job, and he has... something going on with his back. He's in a significant amount of constant pain.

Due to the nature of his job, he cannot do what most other people with normal jobs do. Oh, he needs to see a chiropractor? Oh, he needs an MRI? Oh, he needs to see a physician to order the MRI? Well frankly, it's all or nothing. There is no "coming in a little late" or "leaving a little early" to get stuff done. No. He either goes to work all day until the work is done, or he takes the entire day off.

So. That's frustrating.

I'm glad we have the super stellar insurance that we do. It's really the main reason he has made this job into his career. Little did we know having a twin pregnancy could be SO VERY VERY EXPENSIVE. That would have mega-bankrupted us at the time. (not just regular bankrupt- MEGA bankrupt. We did not have six figures lying around to pay for the thrice weekly ultrasounds & monitorings) I cannot really be too grumpy about the whole thing. There are just some definite drawbacks to The Husband's job.

He had an MRI scheduled for Sat. Then it was bumped up to Tues. Now he's finagled a canceled appointment for this morning, as he was driving into work. This is good news- we may learn our fate earlier than later. I can stress about the worst-case-scenarios for a shorter period of time. Good good.

The worse-case-scenarios that I have concocted in my head, half due to my stunning medical knowledge picked up from TV and webMD, the rest gleaned from co-workers stories/experiences; These include a three month, largely unpaid hiatus, (FREAK THE FREAK OUT) and terminal back cancer. (you can tell the latter is a complete fabrication of my mind, but still) Feel free to have spells of nervous weeping with me while we wait for the diagnosis!

Have a great/weepy Memorial Day!


  1. Yikes! Hopefully it's something quickly fixable. A couple years ago I had a back issue that I was scared to see someone about because it hurt so bad, I thought it would mean surgery. I finally dealt with it and had someone look at it, and a few chiro appointments later it was completely fine and I've had no ongoing issues.