It's a Date

Well! It does not look like we got into all day preschool this round. After all that fretting! And then deciding I really DID want him to go all day. I am thoroughly perturbed, universe!

Now I'm all wondering how I am going to entertain this crazy child all day. He has decided part of our daily routine and it goes like this:

1. Play hide and seek. Mommy is a expert-level hider, and she ends up spending long periods hunched over in her excellent hiding places. She should really remember to bring her phone during hide & seek to combat the boredom.

2. Play Hungry Hungry Hippos. We either play a million games, or just a couple before he gets bored and wants me to pull some new & exciting activity out of thin air. Relatedly: HHH is inordinately hard to get out and put away. Those dang hippos that never really snap on right! And then refuse to come off! I haaaaate you, hippos.

3. Lunchtime. (also known as Date Time)
The only acceptable meals (besides the going-out-to-eat ones) are smoothies, muffins, milkshakes, pb&j sandwiches, or bagels. No other food stuffs will be accepted. An accompanying movie is preferred. 

That's kinda it. I've decided to curtail my daily shopping runs in an effort to be less... um, poor. We spend a lot of time at home. I try to you know, GET SOME THINGS DONE while at home. It's a mixed bag on that. While he has the freedom of playing without the girl's bossy input, playing alone is definitely less fun and leads to him pestering me endlessly for exciting toys/activities. 
Oftentimes this hunt for "something to do" turns into "piling everything we own in random mountains of crap all around the house." Whatever.

Kid should be in preschool right now. Leaving me alone.

But there are upsides. We spend some good quality time together- when he hasn't driven me to the point of insanity. There are times at the bus stop, waiting for the girls to arrive, when he will tell me all about what a "tough guy" he is. Or how him and a spider in the gutter are best friends. He is also really into telling me out of the blue "I love you," which is obviously the best. He gives lots of kisses. He gives his bag of pretzels a kids. Just so you understand that he is an awesome kid, and I am just a... wee bit of a jerk for needing some space from him.

Oh! And I cannot help but inundate you with my favorite pictures of the year: Little Man playing "baseball" for the first time. I mean, c'mon- How can you not smile?

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  1. We keep our HHH put together, with the marbles in a little snack bag.