Ready, Set, Celebrate!

I've been ruminating in my head about this birthday for a while. And now, while trying to ignore it entirely, it has crept up on me. I'm turning 30, and honestly, I am tired of thinking about it. The number is a hard pill to swallow. The actual time and season in my life? I'm absolutely in love with it. Perhaps it is the recent weight loss that makes me feel a bit more comfy in my skin. Perhaps it is the fact that 2/3rds of the children will be in full time school in a week or so that brings the pep in my step. Perhaps there are more little bits of sparkle that I am overlooking? Is it the sense of self that comes with age? Not bothering (too much, at least) with other's view of me? I'm not sure anyone can be sure; However one thing is clear: this year is pretty darned magical.

And speaking of magical! 

I bought one of these pretty Harry Potter Golden Snitch necklaces specifically to celebrate my own birth. Well, that's just how I rationalized the fun little buy. And I got to thinking! This is a not-too-expensive piece of joy I should share with someone awesome. So I'm giving one to you, dear readers! Because it is more economical than baking a million cupcakes (which I would inevitably burn) and rush them to your tables. (which would rack up a few miles)

Leave a comment, please include your email so I don't have to hire bloodhounds to track you down, and I'll announce a winner Sunday night, by say 10:00 PST. (Heck I can't even remember which time zone I'm in anymore. That's just how professional I am) Good luck! And hey, make sure you have a cupcake this weekend anyway. (Might I suggest red velvet?)

Twitter has made me aware of the fact I don't mention when my birthday is. Bottom line- I need to try blogging, crafting words in a menagerie of thought & meaning. Instead I decide waiting for the water to boil is a fantastic time to bust out the laptop. Good reads, this is not, my apologies! And thanks for hanging in there. 

Wow, a quick read through later, and I still have not mentioned the date. 

SATURDAY! My birthday is Saturday! OMG. Someone should revoke my Internet privileges. Who lets me write things for others to read?! 


  1. I LOVE red velvet cake =)!! stilldoingmybest at gmail

  2. I hope that we're still friends after I tell you that I hate red velvet. Something about that red dye just makes it taste icky to me. I always try it, but no.

    Never fear on the chemicals not getting into my tummy though, bc Sunday is Henry's birthday and I'm making those minion cupcakes with the twinkles on top.

    Happy birthday!

  3. I'll scope out the best red velvet cupcake in town, just for you! Happiest of Birthdays, my friend!

  4. 30 is wonderful. We are so much wiser and confident. I will have a cupcake for you tomorrow. Don't have to ask me twice:)

  5. Happiest of birthdays, one day late! As a recent new member of the 30s myself, I can confirm that it is a lovely place to be.

    That necklace is adorable, and my email address is peacelovemath at gmail dot com!

  6. Happy Birthday Cousin :) hope its been a great birthday weekend! And red velvet is my absolute favorite! :)

    And I love that you love Harry Potter!

    Ajbenson06 at gmail

  7. Happy (belated!) birthday! My 30's have been the BEST in a lotlotlot of ways, so I wish that same thing for you in your 30's!

    ginger at rambleramble dot com

  8. Yay!! Happy Birthday to you! My birthday was on Monday and I love red velvet cake and the necklace!! So cute!! We should get together for a play date one of these days now that I am back in Vegas!! Heather.west85 @ yahoo . Com