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This is my first time participating in the Crappy Day Package Exchange. (you can find more info here) Basically, it's sending fun care packages to people you know from the internet. It sounds super fun, both giving and receiving little presents for crappy days (I have a ton of those!)

I was asked to supply a little "about me" questions to help whoever is assigned to me shop for things that make me happy. So here it goes! 

- my favorite color is green. I have to consciously try not to leave the house covered in green clothing, accessories, etc. As an ironic sidenote, my birthstone is the Peridot. I hated it as a kid. I found it to be The Worst birthstone- green. And then somehow I am buying up all the green things later in life. Yeah.

- my favorite scents are citrus based. (grapefruits are my most favorite thing on the planet)

- I eat any and all sorts of candies. Like Twizzlers, Rolos, Milkyway, Heath bars, Raisinets, just to name a few. If it has chocolate, I am on board. I also love dried fruit.

- I tend to collect little kitchen gadgets, like grapefruit spoons, anything made of silicone, etc. I cannot walk out of a Home Goods empty handed. Little zipper cosmetic bags? I MUST OWN ALL OF THEM. Little organizational bins? I BUY THEM. You get the point, yes? I'm constantly in the kitchen cleaning or organizing, when I'm not sleeping.

- I don't have any allergies, but do not drink alcohol or coffee. (I do guzzle Hot Chocolate by the barrel during the winter!) And Diet Coke keeps me alive. Some people are made primarily out of water- pure diet coke runs through these veins.

- I have three kids- the twins, girls, are 6. Little Man is 3. I also have two small chihuahua mix dogs. All five drive me completely bonkers. In small doses, and in shifts, they are adorable. It's busy over here.

- During downtime I like to bake, (I am a semi-decent baker, an awful cook. But I do like to make muffins and cookies often) read, surf Twitter & blogs. I watch a lot of TV while folding A LOT of laundry. I clean a lot. I don't know if I necessarily LOVE cleaning, but I DO enjoy a clean house.

- I collect owls now. After my grandmother passed away, my mother started picking up little owls she'd come across in stores, and now I'm doing the same thing. My house is becoming an owl sanctuary. Any owl sort of things. Mostly owl statues! They will keep watch over the house at night; The zillion owl sentinels.

- We have a running competition in my family, we are on a mission to find the spiciest of hot sauces. We come home from vacations with new and interesting condiments. If it has jalapeƱo, chipotle, any pepper, really; We want to try it. I love hot sauce on everything, eggs! salad! burritos! Hot dogs!

- I am a fan of some "nerdy" kinds of things: Mario video games, Harry Potter, Star Trek, I'm sure there are more, but you get the idea. I don't do Dr. Who, though. At least not yet.

- My favorite season is Fall. Cool weather really gets me excited, as it's mostly just scorchingly hot all year. The couple months of fall/winter is delightful.

- I tend to be a homebody. With the exception of going out to eat, I would prefer to snuggle into my couch with a good book or the Netflix account in my yoga pants.

- I am such a hippie. Anything "green," eco friendly, organic, alternative, made of hemp, whatever, it totally gets my gears going. I'm into all that stuff, not to the point of being restrictive. But if I see something "made from recycled milk bottles" you bet that ups its appeal 80%. It's silly, really. I know.

I hope that is a good summary of my personality? And is somewhat helpful? Okay, good.

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