Lessons Learned in Green Glasses

I am in the middle of an eyewear change out. And this had me thinking about my current glasses- ie: the reason I need a new pair. I have not enjoyed these bright green frames. They are quirky and whimsical! Which is fine about 2 days out of the year. Here are my issues:

- I have realized my favorite color is green and I subconsciously buy anything in this color. Especially when it comes to my wardrobe; It's practically monochromatic. Green. And black. That's my range. So when I have green glasses on? I get a lot of "wow! You're so coordinated!" Sometimes in a tone which I don't think is meant as a compliment? 

- Another color I wear often is red. Red works with my skin tone, or so I have been told. This creates a problem. Red + Green equals Christmas. There are times I'm dashing out the door and get a glance of myself in the mirror- I look like a freaking Christmas tree. In May. It is unfortunate. 

- My personality is not as outgoing as my green glasses seem to portray. I may be a funky artsy type; But it is buried deep down underneath all the exhausted mom. 

- I feel like a lot of my recent acquaintances only remember me by the glasses. Like if I was at the park without them, no one would recognize me. When you meet me, it's hard to hear over GREEN GLASSES. Plus I have a feeling others may describe me as "you know, the girl with the really green glasses." That's not really the "look" I'm after. In fact, I would like to blend into the scenery as much as possible. It's a balance between not being completely invisible, yet also refraining from being so uncomfortably conspicuous. The three small kids, two of whom are twins, well we attract ENOUGH attention as it is.

- Inherently, I may just want to be free of constant glasses-wearing. Except glasses seem to make me look more put-together. And I can get away with minimal makeup because glasses take up significant face real estate. Perhaps I need many pairs for the different moods I may be in? 

- After losing a significant amount of weight, my face has changed. The green pair is a bit off proportionally. Now I'm finding what did work with fat face, doesn't work with less fat face.

- I want to post some pictures and get you all to weigh in. However I must have a disclaimer that these pictures are awful. Everything looks better in person. I hate taking self portraits. (I refuse to use the word "selfies" especially as autocorrect changes it to "selfish")
So my facial expressions are... well, I am gagging with a few of them. The makeup situation is hit or miss- I put the effort into full makeup once and somehow didn't take all the pictures I wanted. Ugh. So what are your choices? 

1. Big, bordering on hipster. But might work well to balance out my lack of a chin? Plus I super super like the tortoise shell color palate.

2. Slim Amber. Does this wash me out? I think they may be too close to my hair color?

3. Same frame as #2, but in a very dark, bordering on black, blue. These look less severe/stylized as #1. 

Vote now! 


  1. I changed my mind. The last picture is my favorite!

  2. I'm going to be different and say 2. They match your face/hair...which is good if you're wanting to blend in. : )

  3. Number 3...yes I still follow your blog- how you doin?? Sorry I haven't commented in awhile:)

  4. I like the last photo frames :)

  5. see I like three :) and black and green- IT WORKS! bahahhaahhaha you ROCK!