Diet- Day Two- Some Thoughts

It has been two days since I started getting serious about my incredibly unoriginal resolution to lose weight. I have been using My Fitness Pal under the recommendations from several friends, and it is blowing my mind. I love that little thing. Recommend! Recommend!

For breakfast and lunch, I am making a spinach smoothie. (basically this one) Which has lead me to believe I need to buy a new blender, our current one being almost 10 years old, (though rarely ever used) it is substantially flawed in its design. Any suggestions on good blenders would be appreciated.

I was rather surprised that the smoothies would be enough to keep me going. I am having issues with the same tastes two meals a day, five days a week. Two days in, and I can totally see myself getting tired of them and looking for new combinations. (suggestions on that would be welcomed as well!)

I am eating a "sensible" dinner, trying to stay away from pastas, bread, etc. (I am making three dinners, one for the kids, one for myself, and one The Husband will eat- not a fan) Bread is my best friend, and the breakup is proving to be difficult. (I miss you, bread!)

Trying to incorporate some physical stuff. Getting back into Pilates (ouch, my muscles) onto a real regular basis is going to be a challenge, as I am at the whim of a 3 yr old who may or may not allow me the time to stay on the yoga mat. Why isn't MOPPING on the workout choices, My Fitness Pal?!

At the moment I am frantically, FRANTICALLY planning and executing the girls' birthday, which is on Wednesday, party on Saturday. This is both perfect timing and horrible timing. During the day, I have no time to sit around and daydream about cakes and pies. However, by the end of the day I am so wiped out and stressed out that I have a hard time not going through the drive thru, or raiding my kid's chocolate stash.

Let's hope after birthday madness (let's hope people come to the party, even though the invites were a wee bit on the late side) that things calm down and I can focus more on my goals. Also? I am nervous about resisting the homemade hot cocoa and coconut cake that I will be serving at the party. I picked up a book recommendation made by Deanna, The Willpower Instinct. This might be crucial for going from zero willpower to walking away from the coconut cake.

While I am so relieved to have the girls back in school, they are going through the porcupine attitude adjustment we meandered through at the beginning of the year. They are so SASSY! The things that come out of their mouths! They are walking a fine line of making chocolate-less-Mommy have a breakdown.

The worst part of the day is ahead. I will want to quit this. Oh! And the girls will be 6 tomorrow. So there's that. See you there!


  1. I am making the same smoothie. I had a really nice (expensive) blender that ended up breaking and so I bought a cheap one at Target for $15 that is so much better. I make this smoothie everyday and am not tired of it yet. You can do it. I am setting small goals and rewarding myself (with non food items). Can't wait to see ya!

  2. I am just finishing up The Willpower Instinct and I second the recommendation. It is fantastic.

  3. Mopping is on MFP - under "Cleaning, light, moderate effort" everything counts! Smoothie it up!