A Brave New Birthday World

Not only is Christmas knocking at the door, the twin's birthday is right behind the corner. This was made evident when I saw the school calendar for the month; Winter break ends January 7th.... two days before the girls' birthday. I need to start getting my act together! I need to have things planned before winter break!

Seems like no big deal, yes?

Well! Here's the problem! I am super torn about the whole birthday situation at the kid's school. Kindergarten is only 2 1/2 hours, and the other kids are having birthday celebrations for the last 15 minutes of class. Between the two classes? It seems like there is a birthday every other day- and it irks the heck out of me. Call me a wet blanket and stomp away if you must, but this is learning time, people! Celebrate the birthdays on your own time!

Not to mention the various THINGS my kids are given for these other kid's birthdays! There is the cute side: one parent brought blue and pink bags (for boys and girls) filled with cute little goodies and do-dads. The norm is usually cupcakes. It's really great to pick my kids up with frosting and crumbs all over themselves. (NOT!) The low point? One of the kids came home with those horrible sugar water "juices" in the plastic "barrel." (I am very judgy when it comes to juice) This was accompanied with a bag of Cheetos. Faaaantastic...

Add the fact that I have to do this birthday thing x2. So 30 kids a class? That means 60 cupcakes. Can you even begin to imagine transporting SIXTY CUPCAKES and one 2 yr old to school? If your face froze in horror, you are not alone, as that was my reaction as well. So cupcakes are OUT. I'm leaning towards a little gift bag. (would this be weird without an accompanying treat? Like it's my kids birthday! Here is a bag of toys, other children!)

Well, I bought the stuff for a goodie bags last night. I am already heavily invested in this- I was "just browsing" some of the options at Oriental Trading, (have to purchase and allow time to ship! Christmastime? Not the speediest of shipping dates) then- BAM! INSPIRATION! THEME!

I was trying to avoid doing the gender-specific thing. Like the pink bags Squirt brought home was filled with necklaces and plastic rings, etc. I did not want to have to bother with boy stuff AND girl stuff. UNISEX IT IS! I might throw in some little candies, if there absolutely must be sweets.

I'm seriously considering making these snowflake crowns for the girls to wear to school on their birthday. Wouldn't that just be too adorable?!

And for the party! (yes, there will be a "friend" party independent of school. Precedent has been set by other parents- ugh, so this must happen as well) I was wondering what in the heavens I was going to do with a bunch of 5-6 yr olds in my house... and it came to me! We will make cut-out snowflakes!

Maybe have a vat of hot chocolate and a sprinkling of tiny marshmallows? Throw some coconut atop of a cake? The possibilities for easy little touches are simply endless.

Adorable, not too "involved" birthday, you elusive minx... I have conquered you!

This is quite possibly the best idea I've had in almost six years of parenting. While this may seem sad to you party-planning-wonderwomen out there, I assure you this kind of stuff is painfully hard for me. I was not gifted with the ability nor desire to plan and host elaborate soirees. I tend to be a hermitish homebody. (which is why I am a blogger)

I am just so pleased with myself on this one. Now let's all cross our fingers the girls don't flip out at not having a "princess party" which I am sure is their default expectation of a birthday party.


  1. What a cute theme!! And it reminded me of these:


    Have you seen those? Too cute.

    I don't think i could handle kids' birthdays so close to Christmas.. Look Santa brought you all these gifts... and in 2.5 weeks here are some more gifts! Wowsers!

  2. Those cute snowflake marshmallows are SO HAPPENING, Thanks!

    There are entirely too many birthdays around Christmas. 2 weeks after the twins' then we run straight into Little Man's! SO MANY PRESENTS! And then six months later we are all tired of the toys and there is no more excuses to buy them more stuff.

  3. That's why I like MY B-day: almost exactly six months between presents! Ha! Beat that universe! :P

  4. KUDOS to you! we are milking the low maintance birthdays AS LONG AS POSSIBLE love the snowflake theme! winter wonderland-y:)