Dude is Dapper

How to properly care for Little Man's corkscrew curls have completely evaded me. Last time he got a haircut, it was a bit... short. And his curls didn't exactly grow back in. He has been sporting a wavy head of mess ever since. It was getting kinda pathetic. This weekend he got an official "boy cut." The stylist informed me that I was not conditioning his hair enough and that's why it was acting/looking so strange. But she told me that after hacking off all the curly stuff- so file that into "things I wish I knew beforehand."

I hardly recognize the kid now. He looks so much like my little brother it is spooky.

My boy:

His Uncle Trent: 

See?! Now it's really hard to keep everyone straight around here! Calling the dogs by my kids' names and seeing my little brother when he was a wee kid running around my house. 


  1. Not that I knew Trent as a baby, but every time you post pictures of Little Man, I totally think he looks just like him!

  2. Wow! He DOES look like your brother. That's awesome. What a cutie!!

  3. Sweet jacket, Uncle Trent! ;)