Carousel Cash

After The Husband's long Thanksgiving vacation, the long "peak season" hours are really starting to wear on everyone. The kids are lucky to see Daddy for 10 minutes in the morning, and he usually gets home long after they have gone to bed. The kids are starting to get a little clingy.

As The Husband was getting ready in the morning, the kids were huddling around him. Perhaps forming a blockade to stop him from leaving. Bunny asked "Daddy... are you going to work again?" Awwww.

The Husband took this as a teaching opportunity. "Yes, dear. I go to work and earn money so we can buy things and pay bills." Bunny nodded and agreed "Yeah, so Mommy can have enough money to take us on the merry go round!"

Priorities, kid.

This is the point in which I feel I need to explain myself. No, we don't go on the carousel for a myriad of reasons. Some of which I will outline here, lest you think I am a mean Mom who never lets her kids have any fun.

1. Carousel rides are $3 a pop. Multiply that by three- seems a bit excessive, no? And you just try and take a happy kid off the ponies on a merry-go-round. There will be screaming. And kicking. (also note: I am outmanned. One parent to three children ratio? No thanks)

2. The coin dispenser that gives out the special tokens, it only takes ONE DOLLAR BILLS. No change, no higher denominations of currency- nothing. I find that annoyingly specific. You should desire my money in any form, token box!

3. I am not one that carries cash on a regular basis. In fact, I rarely have cash on me. (Take note any would-be muggers) I hate having to count it out and sort it in my wallet. Much less storing it! And the ever-present possibility of losing it! I find swiping a little plastic card much easier.

So yes, I do tell the girls "we don't have enough money for the carousel today." This leaves their minds with the assumption that we are positively destitute.


  1. bahahahaha we AVOID the carosaul at all costs! haha! on wednesdays 3-6pm it's free- so once in a while if she is good we go on free wednesday afternoon- and they only let us do it once- so it' the rule the horses rest aftr our turn...