Our Favorite Books So Far

When Squirt came home with a reading log, I knew the time of chewed-edged-board-books was over. I had to write down each book read with the kids, and that meant ACCOUNTABILITY! I couldn't scrawl in "My First Colors." I was going to have to start reading with kids, real books.

This may sound strange, but reading had not been in our routine. While I love to read, when I find the time, it seemed our bedtime routine already stretched too long. Keeping two five year olds focused long enough to put on pajamas without starting an impromptu tea party is tough, guys. Not to mention the rambunctious brother climbing on the bathroom counter and squeezing the toothpaste from its tube. By the time all three kids are dressed, teeth brushed and flossed, and all in one place, I am ready to run downstairs and stuff some cookies into my distressed body. I hate adding things to the bedtime routine. So we didn't do much reading before bedtime.

I did have a small stack of real books- ones with paper insides- that I had stashed in a "safe spot" in the kid's rooms. They were a collection of my favorite books, and was a bit protective of them and their rip-able pages. We quickly went through that stack within a few days of the reading log. I considered buying some more books, but didn't know where to start. (there are a lot of terrible, boring, poorly written childrens books out there)
Eventually, after stressing about it, I went out of my comfort zone and found the nearest library. To my huge shock, we have a brand new, state of the art library right across the road! This was a revelation: THE LIBRARY. Ours has a rack of "bundled" books, by category. I give the kids the choices: monsters, kitties, food, school, etc. I scoop up two bundles, and voila! A book selection for the week! (there is usually about 4-5 books per bundle)

It has only been a couple weeks of reading, while we have gone through some truly awful and lame books, we've also found some real winners. The artwork! The stories! It's fun to discover these with the kids, and with the library being so close by, whenever I get bored of them I can cycle them out and get new ones to pour over. Here is a short list of our favorites if you are so inclined and looking for some reading.

The Sea Serpent And Me
by Dashka Slater

A story about a girl who finds a tiny sea serpent and learns how to let the creature go as it grows up and ready to go on its own. I tell the girls this is exactly how I feel about them.

Perfect Soup
by Lisa Moser

A mouse needs a carrot for perfect soup, to procure this carrot he makes deals with villagers, only to find a true friend willing to help without gaining anything in return. I hope this is teaching the kids a bit of charity.

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late (really anything by Mo Willems!)
by Mo Willems

I just love the Pigeon. He has the best expressions. And I tend to remind the girls that if pigeon can't stay up late, neither can they. Sound logic.

by Kathryn Warren

Ok, so we own this one. And after Design Mom's spotlight on it, I ordered it immediately. The girls and I were quite impressed. I am crossing my pinkies that this will encourage our house to be open to eating more of the fun little vegetables on their plate.

by Kate Banks

A little fox wants to head out on his own, but not after his parents make sure he is taught everything he needs to be ready. The artwork is spectacular in this one, even if I find the wording a touch awkward, the sentiment is so sweet.

I'll Always Be Your Friend
by Sam McBratney

Another fox story! This one shows a little fox's temper tantrum as he says something he regrets to his mother. Mother, being ever patient, demonstrates her unconditional love. I simply adore this idea, and I have noticed the girls giving me a little cuddle and assuring me they are still my friends- adorbs.

Best Best Friends 
by Margaret Chodos-Irvine

As the girls are developing their own little relationships with kids in their class, this book was a timely reminder of the little issues that can crop up and the right way to say sorry.

The girl's all time favorite so far? Whopper Cake, the story of a man who bakes a cake in the bed of his pickup truck. The kids thought this idea was a real winner and asked if we would bake a ten foot tall cake for their birthday. OF COURSE.


  1. I don't think we've read any of these, so I'm going to add them to our list to try. My girls have really liked the Llama, Llama series. I love the rhyming cadence, so they are some of my favorites too.

    I received the box of clothes this week...as always, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We love new clothes! : )

  2. Go books and libraries! Have your read any books by Kevin Henkes? They have been around awhile but kids still love them. Most of his books feature adorable, funny, little mice characters. Have you read Knuffle Bunny by Mo Williams? The photos in the backgrounds are of my neighborhood, Park Slope. Happy Reading!