All Dye'd Up

One of my kid's clothing staples has become tie dye dresses. From the time the twins were small, their love for the tie dye dresses found at Art in the Park has been unwavering. Each October we make the trek to procure a new set of tie dyes one more size up. The lovely people that craft these masterpieces are so sweet and go above and beyond to make the kids feel special. (and we're kinda difficult because having the exact same thing in the same size is a lot to ask) Some years I find exact duplicates of what we had the year before, and other times we try a new pattern. Either way, they end up being the most asked-for outfits for the whole year.

This was the first year Little Man joined in on the colorful fun. Having three little ones running around the house in these bright, bold, streaking colors fills my heart with joy.

May all your days be filled with tie dye. Mine will be! 


  1. The kiddo's, and their colorful outfits, are the CUTEST!

  2. So cute!! I love that there is a great story behind these dresses... Mackenzie still loves to wear one that was in the first batch of clothes you sent us! : )