More of The Barfs

Are you sick of hearing about all our sickness? I was too.

In fact, last night as I got into bed, I was telling The Husband just how happy I was that it seemed to be over. It looked like we had avoided the girls catching the stomach bug. The feeling of being able to DO THINGS was exhilarating. I didn't have to worry about smooshing last minute doctor runs, prescription filling, Pedialyte/Gatorate buying, etc. into the schedule. I was FREE AT LAST!

Then I woke the kids up this morning. Bunny had started up with a dry cough at 3am that Vaporub, cough syrup, and a couple drinks of water could not fix. Slight bummer. I blame the cold snap which dried out the air and made the heater kick back on.

Squirt's wakeup was a big blow to my "open schedule" as I found her curled up in a tiny corner of her bed... the rest of the bed covered in sick. Poor thing had been too sick to even sound an alarm. She just moved over and tried to sleep in a clean area of the bed, having barf all over her hair and pjs. And we (the parents!) were oblivious. Oh, it was just so SAD.

I feel too bad for her to be too bothered by the staying at home with sick people... again... continuing our month-long sequester. I was just so looking forward to doing things... anything.

I do feel bad about the fact that my friend is in the hospital right now getting prepped to have a baby. And I had promised her up and down to help out. Only to find my hands tied and sending her lots of "so sorry!" "good luck" texts like an impotent nitwit.

The patient; after a good scrubbing, with her sick bucket

I just don't know how many more Curious George episodes I can take. And I would really like to get out of these pajamas, maybe even do my hair at some point.


  1. UGHHH! So sorry you are STILL dealing with sickness. Prayers going your way!

  2. SO SORRY you guys are sick!!! and now worries!!! As soon as I recover and get rest and you arent sick we will play!! you're amazing just take cae of your sweet sweet fam and we ARE GOOD! ryan is off and is superman and taking incredible care of me hailyn and silas and the house he is amazing and lots of fam and friends I am good you just rest up and take care of your fam and do not worry about us:) Ill text you pics!! my phone has been dead! haha love you!!! feel better!!!