Notes From My Boss

Performance Review

Subject: Mommy
Job Title: Executive Household Officer
Manager: Little Man

Job Knowledge: Below Average
I have my doubts that she's even read the job description I've provided to her. 

Work Quality: Average
My bum is wiped, my tummy is full, my clothes are usually washed and folded upon demand, but she still insists on an afternoon nap. On a side note: if she loses another sippie, I am getting out the pinkslips.

Attendance/Punctuality: Excellent
I am exceptionally hard to escape from. So most of the praise should go to me.

Initiative: Average
Again, this is more a reflection of my above-average managing skills. She is quick to jump up when I break out the high-pitched wail. 

Communication/Listening Skills: Poor
It's like she never knows what I'm talking about! I am quite the wordsmith, if I do say so myself.

Dependability: Excellent
I will give her this- she's always there. Sometimes it's annoying, especially when I'm rock-climbing in the kitchen. She is available for a boo-boo kissing, which is not to be undervalued.

Overall Rating: She may be struggling to stay ahead of her tasks most days, but I love her nonetheless. She seems to have won over the hearts and minds of the rest of the staff as well. 


  1. ROFL.... OMG, Ashley, this is too cute! You are a clever, clever writer!!!