Then Today Happens

The day after Christmas: I went tres-crazy. Everything about my house bugged me. The presents piled on the dining room table, the Christmas tree taking up tremendous amounts of space in the corner, and the bathtubs? They had clearly not been scrubbed in a while.

I needed to roll up my sleeves, leave the children in the care of their video-game-playing father, and get to freaking work.

I had too much neurotic energy. And I was worried how things were going to pan out after The Husband went back to work.

Luckily, we had a lovely morning at the park:

... and I built a desk. Where I will put my brand new sewing machine. Yes, you heard me: I am going to sew something. Hopefully it won't be an epic disaster. 

My brother was very helpful in tempering my sewing-related-anxieties, and I quote: "I'm pretty sure it's something that takes years to become even decent at, or else everyone would be sewing shit up, making their own clothes and blankets." 

I am determined to give him a quilt for his birthday. SEWING SHIT UP!


  1. You go, lady! Sew that shiz-nit up! Actually, if you take your time, are willing to tear stuff out when you have, ah-hem, made a mistake then you will do just fine. :-)

  2. LOL, awesome, Trent :) You can totally sew, you'll do great. Can't wait to see your work!!

  3. I got a sewing machine too!! Let's do this--sew some shit up! : ) (I'm liking that phrase...)