The Elephant In The Room

How bananas is this picture? 

My daughter is a full three years older than the baby. Yet they are the same weight. Squirt wears a shoe size 8 1/2, Little Man wears a size 7. They are barely two dress sizes apart. It boggles the mind.

Little Man wants to sit in the twins' lap and read a story. Yet two pages into the story, Squirt is struggling to breathe and pushing Little Man off screaming "You're smooshing me!" 

Sometimes it is hard to remember just how tiny and petite my girls are- especially when they are charging around the house doing Kung Fu. (Gee thanks, Kung Fu Panda) The girls are the equivalent of delicate porcelain dolls- and the baby is the bull in the china shop. The twins are Rhode Island, the baby is Texas. The girls are a compact car the baby is a 15 passenger van. 

The differences between the two genders in my house blows my mind. 

Even though he may be crushing all of her internal organs, it's still quite the sweet little scene. 


  1. Ha ha! I like how she can barley see or turn the pages of the book. But it is a very sweet scene.