Living with the White Trash

I find it comical the items that I find in our front yard. Seriously. I have never had other people's things littering my yard before. This seems like a hazing ritual to prepare me for the joys of having older children.

The kids, ages 10 and up are EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. All over the street. After school, on weekends. There is a slew of children running amok, and there is an issue with a squeaky trampoline... oh the trampoline.

One day a shadowed figure darted across our windows. I freaked out, ran for the baseball bat, realized we don't have baseball-bat-in-lieu-of-home-security, and walked onto the porch- ready to fend off a rabid attacker. I found a kid walking along our back wall. They do that. And I suppose we are to just... let them?

So yes. We find new and interesting items in our yard almost daily. Our yard is not our own, apparently. It's communal property for the kids. Today we have a bike lock, a bucket/cooler, and an empty box of generic Dr. Pepper.

Some other items? Cat toy, empty tin of cat food, a soccer ball, a dirty diaper, (yes! I know! Someone else's dirty diaper!) Bart from the Simpsons doll, kids' bikes, and glow in the dark sticky insects.

We are one car part on the lawn away from being THAT NEIGHBORHOOD.


  1. ok FOR REAL a DIRTY DIAPER! DISGUSTING!!! And really we have older kids in our neighborhood too but yeah they aren't rude like that- our backyard is our own and we find trash occasionally only after it has blown out of recycling from the wind- these people sound 'classy'. move by me next year- for reals!!!

  2. I would take all their stuff and keep it. Not the trash and dirty diapers (yuck) but the bikes and toys and stuff. If it is left on your lawn then it is yours. Finders, keepers. Ha! I may be sounding a bit immature but I work with 6 year olds all day. It rubs off.