A Sucker for Ruffles

I need to go to rehab... for ruffles. People! I have purchased three different variations on the ruffled shirt for the twins! (I was forced to return two of them... The Husband does not agree that the girls need multiple variations on a theme- ie: pink ruffled shirt)

Try to resist the cuteness... I dare you: 

Pink Ruffle Tee found at Old Navy, on sale even! 

I found myself in a particular dilemma this afternoon, a dilemma of my own making. You see, I will say ANYTHING to get my kids upstairs to nap. I need the kids to nap- it's not an option in the least. Lately the girls have been demanding that they DO! NOT! NEED! NAPS! 

So when faced with determined 4 year old opposition to leave Grandma's house and go directly home to nap, I... well, I bribed the heck out of the situation. I promised popsicles after naps. 

A promise I immediately regretted. Because, duh! Popsicles? Dinner spoiler! Did I want to white-flag this battle of "eating all our healthy dinner" for the easily taken "here, have a popsicle" route? 

I, quite scandalously, entertained the idea of making this into a teaching moment... that sometimes... people LIE

In more time than I care to admit, I thought better of this idea, pretty sure it would qualify me for Worst Mother of the Year. 

So there were popsicles before dinner. 


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