Verbose Baby

Worried about Little Man's vocabulary, I started keeping tabs on the words he would grasp and use often. I'm sure my pediatrician just loves the lists of things I hand to her each visit. There might be a little notation in each of my children's files that says "insane mother."

Either way, it's been rather fun keeping track of his growing vocabulary and listening close to his speech. Here are the words he's mastered so far:

You may have noticed that "mama" has not reached the list- I am only slightly disgruntled about this. 


  1. Why is that?! Charlotte said Dadda and Papa MONTHS before she ever said Momma!! Not fair kids, not fair!

  2. CUTE!!!! No worries he's fine:) Isnt it funny how we wrry- I worry about Hailyn ALL the time- he's such a cutie!