Knifing To The Heart

The Husband: Guess what, Bunny?

Bunny: What, Dadda?

The Husband: I don't have to go to work tomorrow! I can stay home and play with girls!

Bunny: Oh.

The Husband: Aren't you excited?

Bunny: No. Not weally.

The Husband: Well, why not?

Bunny: Just 'cause I don't love you anymore.

The Husband: (a bit stunned) You don't? Why not?

Bunny: Because I don't need you anymore, Dadda. 

Ummm. WHAT? 

1 comment:

  1. Awww, poor Husband! My girls are going through a "don't like it" stage, and occasionally, that extends to one of their parents. It's not fun. : (