And Then They Get Cute

Little Man is going through a life transition right now. He is binky free during the day. Naps and bedtime... I need that little plastic crutch.

Turns out that binky has been the cork for all Little Man's ear piercing screams. Little did we know what we were getting into. It's like we've invited a banshee to live with us. That kid has a decibel range that is unparalleled. I will not be surprised if my ears start bleeding spontaneously from all the abuse.

His screams of displeasure are so constant! So harrowing! So Never ending! I'm getting stabby.

Of course as he pushes me to the limits of my patience and subsequent will to live, he then turns around and starts the cutest stunt of them all; walking in Mama's shoes.

Touche, small one.

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