Um... Pantry?

I was downright elated when I found out the New House would feature a for-real pantry. After shoving all my non-perishables into various cabinets with my old kitchen, I had really reached my limit as I was running for the flour on one side, canned beans on the other, etc. I wanted all the foodstuffs IN ONE PLACE. Desperately.

You know the saying "the grass is always greener on the other side?" This is true, my friends. I am at a loss of how to organize the pantry. There is room, but so few shelves! I have stuff stacked upon more stuff, and as I pry the potato chips out, a mountain of fruit snacks crashes down on me. (much to my toddler's delight)

I give you exhibit A: 
(cue the horror screams) 

Thursday I was having a truly terrible day. There's no good way to recoup a day that starts off with a dentist appointment. It may just be the last thing I want to do with a babysitter watching my kids at home. I should have ditched the tooth doc and went for a nice facial. Add to this a baby who woke up at the crack of dawn and had planted himself firmly on the side of my leg, and I was a bit cranky. 

The icing on my freakout cake was not being able to find the kids some dang granola bars so they would stop complaining of hunger well before dinner was happening. I may have been rummaging through that pantry like a crazy person, tossing stuff, stomping, and low-level cursing. 

It came as no surprise to The Husband that weekend's TO DO list featured "Fix Pantry" in spot #1... complete with bold print and an excessive amount of exclamation points. I had no idea how to organize this mess. I liked that little blue bin full of baby/kids medicine, (twelve bottles of both Motrin and Tylenol in varying stages of use) I headed out to the store to procure a crap load of bins. Only a scant 20 minutes later, and I had transformed my scary pantry of doom into this:

I must admit that when any part of my house looks even vaguely organized or together, I do feel the need to shout it from the rooftops and post pictures on the internet. (because yes, it happens so sparsely) Also, can I get an AMEN! for lime green baskets? New. Favorite. Color. Now go organize 'yer crap. If I can do it, you sure as heck can too. 


  1. As i reading the first part of this post I was thinking bins..bins..! Glad to see that worked for you also. I also use boxes with lids so I can stack on top of eachother. Label everything though. Granola bars..chips..fruit snacks..oatmeal. Even my cereal is in tupperware containers.

  2. I also am a believer in bins. I don't have one pantry, rather two very deep cupboards on each side of my fridge. I was lucky enough to find bins that fit perfectly, and have wheels! It's kind of like a ghetto version of those fancy-schmancy kitchens with rolling shelves. But I love it! No more digging. You can also fit way more crap in those bins. Another pantry item I love - those little mini bleacher stands for your canned goods so they are on different elevations. Very helpful. Sorry for the long winded comment, I just love organized shelves! (going out of town and coming home to a village of ants in my cupboards may have also sparked the obsession lol)