Must. Get. Organized.

I finally got the internet up and running at the new place! So... now I have no reason to ignore the outside world... except that I have immersed myself in the pursuit of emptying each and every freaking box that landed here at the new house.

It has become an obsession. I run over to the old house to pick up odds and ends that never made it into cardboard, and I end up foaming at the mouth cramming my car to the brim with stuff. It's like a really out of control game of Tetris for me. I am in fierce competition with myself- and I must admit, I do love the rush. My back does not like all the heavy lifting.

When I am home? All I can do is run around opening boxes, breaking down boxes, finding nooks and crannies for all the stuff, mentally sizing up walls for future picture hanging... it's insane. I was WIDE AWAKE all night last night- not sleeping, but planning the haul for tomorrow: "I should find the box with the kids' swimsuits!" "The extra linens would go perfectly in that armoire!" "Where should I put the bench?" "There should be more boxes of toys somewhere..." "Did I unpack all the plates? Is that all the plates we have?" "Where is my food processor?" I need a strongman with a mallet to knock me out so my body can rest.

I feed the children, but when I am in the kitchen thinking about a meal for myself, somehow I end up rearranging the pots and pans. Sohelpme- I had better lose a couple pounds after this whole ordeal. Although, I am currently pondering the ice cream sandwiches I have hidden in the freezer...

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